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Dating black in corporate america

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But most businesses fail and you know that too, so you won't buy into the ridiculous Horatio Alger stories on the cover of Black Enterprise. Diddy anymore than you're going to win the Mega Millions lottery.

You don't have the money to start a serious business even if you have what you think is a great idea. You understand there's a lot to be said about holding onto a job for a little while to learn a thing or two in the real world and develop a strong safety net just in case your escape plan from "the man" doesn't quite work out as you had planned -- which in all likelihood, it won't. Hold your head up high and act like you own the place.

A coworker sees you and several black colleagues at a casual lunch. Your boss, making her rounds, peeks in and remarks with surprise, "Oh, you're here! A colleague says with a broad smile, "You know, I really like you. Your non-persons of color peers approach and ask why you are always so dressed up? You are told you are decreasing your effectiveness with your aggressive style. You are frequently asked why you change your hairstyle so often. Your first name is arbitrarily shortened to one or two syllables without your permission.13. Your colleague says in amazement, "My you know so many people."16. You are asked to..."lighten up, not be so serious about the work.

Back at the office he/she later asks, "What was that meeting all about? Smile and laugh more often, to make others more comfortable working with you". You realize that at times you must "dumb down" appearing to be dependent and unaware, so that your manager and peers feel they are helping you...

After a staff meeting, your boss suggests, "you need to work at making others more comfortable with you..don't you smile more often? You tell your manager about a problem you are having and the response you get is "You've got to be exaggerating! You are told you are "rough around the edges" despite your completion of many professional development programs and it is suggested you emulate the behavior of a non-person of color colleague. You continually get more responsibility, but no authority. You arrive at an offsite business retreat dressed in business casual attire. After a coworker returns from a weekend in the sun, they run to you on Monday morning and extend their arms to touch yours and say, "Hey I'm darker than you". Walking through the hall with colleagues, you exchange greetings with two other blacks you pass along the way.

As you approach the stage to receive your company's highest achievement award, your corporations' top executive exclaims, "Yo homeboy, congratulations".9.

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You, my brother, with all your smarts and in your fancy suit, will still be perceived as the token. It's nice to throw a few crumbs to the untouchables at the very bottom once in a while to keep them from rocking the ladder. You'd rather own your own business because you don't want to suck it up to the man all day, everyday, for the rest of your life.You couldn’t find better examples of women of power than the female executives on the cover of this issue.Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of Chase Auto Finance, leads this JPMorgan Chase unit and enables hundreds of thousands of consumers and small businesses to finance the purchase and leasing of new or used cars. S., is part of a management team that effectively manages more than 4,500 people and 74,000 independent sales agents so that the company can grow market share and maintain its position as the nation’s No. The impressive credentials of these executive women, along with their management prowess and bottom-line responsibilities, have placed them in the upper stratum of major companies and earned them membership into an exclusive club: Black Enterprise’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Corporate America.” Review the list and you will find a roster of corporate leaders, many who oversee billion-dollar divisions and thousands of employees.Last week I came across an article that revealed "in-depth details" about US First Lady Michelle Obama and her relationship with White House Staff.The book titled "The Obamas" was written by New York Times Reporter, Jodi Kantor.Without promoting this book and going into an in-depth report, basically Mrs.